Episode 13 – Cat and Mouse

After Relocating the Khi’Wy to a new planet, The Doctor and her companions start to try and delve deeper into what is going on in the world.

First though, they need to deal with what is happening to Randall.

Backed into a corner without any options what will they do.

Find out on this episode of ACTR

Episode 12 – As It Seems

A planet of science, an enigmatic professor, a new friend, and a mysterious company.

What will become of the deal between the Doctor and her companions and the Professor?

What is happening behind the doors at the KhiWy?

And is everything, as it seems?

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Episode 11 – The Host with the Most

After some well needed rest the Doctor and her companions head to Phyros 11 to investigate the molten substance Solexus.

They find more than they bargained for as well as made a new friend.

Find out on this episode of the Aux. Crew TBD RPG